Joe Bruno on Boxing -Don’t Pay For Pay-Per-View

The mailman knocked on my door this morning and delivered me a package. It was a GPX CD Player AM/FM Stereo Cassette Recorder I had ordered from The price? A measly $19.99, plus shipping and handling. The Boombox originally cost $49.99. But Amazon discounted the player to $29.99, then added a $10 gift certificate, lowing the price to less the twenty bucks.
So it can be done. Something that once cost $49.99, can be bought for $19.99. Then why can’t the same thing be done for pay-per-view boxing?
Tell the truth. How many of you now reading this column spent $49.99 of their hard earned money on a pay-per-view boxing match in the past decade. Fifty bucks to watch a so-so main event, and a undercard filled with stiffs, freaks and and mismatches (Butterbean immediately comes to mind. Plus Christy Martin against the waitress of the week).
Come on now; raise your hand if you were one of the hundreds of millions of poor saps who had to fork over their fifty bucks if they wanted to see whatever spectacle the main event was advertised to be. And how many of you thought you actually got equal value for your dollar?
So why do you continue to sit back and do nothing about this blatant highway robbery? Would you same people pay 50 thousand dollars for a 20 thousand dollar automobile? I don’t think so.
So here’s what we are going to do. We are going to write our cable company (The form letter is provided below by the CBZ. All you have to do is fill in the cable company name and your name, and slip it in the envelope the next time you pay your cable bill). In this letter we are going to tell the cable company that we want value for our dollar. We will gladly pay $19.95 for every pay-per-view boxing match they may broadcast in the future. But
never again will we fork over the exuberant price of fifty bucks.
The poison dart is in your hand. Throw the damn thing.
Remember if you are not part of the solution, you are definitely part of the problem.


Dear (fill in cable company name)

This is to inform you that I insist on getting value for my dollar. I pay your cable rates without question (My payment for last month’s bill is enclosed). Your price is your price, and that’s what I pay because there I feel I am getting equal value for my dollar.

But your pay-per-view rates for boxing matches are exorbitant and totally out of line with reality. I will never again pay $49.99 for a boxing match that either ends with a dubious decision, or ends early because some lout has chosen to foul his opponent, either by hitting him low, hitting him after the bell, or by biting off his opponent’s ear.

However, I will gladly pay $19.95 for every boxing match you propose to air on your cable network. I feel $19.95 is a fair price; a just price for pay-per-view boxing matches. I am willing, for $19.95, to take the chance that the fights will be competitive, and that some bizarre ending to the boxing match will not mar my evening of enjoyment.

So please contact your partners in pay-per-view boxing; the boxing promoters. Tell them my feelings. Tell them I’m tired of getting ripped off. Tell them I would be glad to pay $19.95 for pay-per-view fights, as would millions of other people who have so far refused to pay $49.95 for over-hyped and under-performing pay-per-view boxing events. As a result, more people will get in the habit of paying for pay-per-view, which in the long run, will notably increase your bottom line.

The good will you will generate by this gesture will foster improved customer relations, a prime objective of any revenue generating business.

Thank you,

Your valued customer,

(Fill in your name)


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